#1 Bat for Lashes
You've got to hand it to Paris, she has amazing style, especially in the makeup department. The itsy bitsy spider's got nothin' on Paris Hilton in this look. She is absolutely angelic. The false lashes are dramatic. She balances them out well with just a touch of neutral eyeshadow. For her shimmering pout, Paris recommends a rosy lipgloss with specks of shimmering orange.
#15 No Sweat
Paris rocks it in this photo-shoot. The golden version of a smokey eye makes it a great look to use during long hot summer days. We've all been there. You start out looking fresh and inevitably end up with your face melting away. There it goes! But, a little smeared mascara only adds to this sultry look. And the glossy red lip compliments a dewy complexion. Ok, it's sweaty. We'll just call it dewy. If you're up for trying it out, we recommend a light gold and bronze eyeshadow for this style.